Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 1st, RedKite Bump Race, Livermore by Matthew Sloan

This was a great course for me - a 7.5 mile loop with lots of nice rollers and a power sprint finish - up the bump! I couldn't have planned a better race tactically. After yesterday's efforts, I sat in on the main group doing as little work as possible. We were going hard enough that the race was split into two groups. There were a couple of attempts at breaks off the first group but they were swiftly brought back in.

On the last lap, I made sure I got to the front on fastest decent before the long, gentle climb to the top of the course. I tucked down and sped swiftly past the pack, including guys who were pedaling hard. Ah, the beauty of an aero tuck and a few pounds. I knew that riders would think I was making a move and ride to keep on my wheel or get past me. As soon as someone went past, I got on their wheel. Team Thirsty Bear were on the front putting on a good pace to lead out the eventual winner, Corey Scobie. I sat in about four places back. The pace steadily increased on the long, gentle climb towards the finish. I kept in a good spot knowing I would have to be in the top five into the last turn to have any chance of making the podium. With the centre line rule being enforced there wouldn't be much room to maneuver.

I came into the last corner hard in 4th/5th place. I got out of the seat and attacked following the example of Thirsty Bear Rider, Corey Scobie. I tried my best to get past the second place rider but I had chosen too hard a gear. I changed down and held on strongly for 3rd. A good race, with a respectable finish.

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