Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CCCX Final XC, #9, Fort Ord, 8/23/2014

By Mark Giblin

I had a great weekend in my small world of racing, I won my final series race at the CCCX- XC (cat 3) age group Saturday. I also won the series which was 9 races total, starting in February. The breakdown was 3 first place finishes, 4 - second places, 1 third place and 1 sixth place, ( I know, I was tired, over trained, did not have a good day on the 6th place finish).

To say the least I was a little stressed going into the last race series because it was double points and you have to finish, I only needed 5th place or better but I was more worried about a breakdown or crash. That being said, I was on my last lap leading and about 1 mile from the line (on the same down hill section where my closest competitor broke his collar bone and two ribs on race number 5) and a 15 year old Junior (racing for 8th place +/-) rider past me by where there was nothing but 6" of beach sand and bump my handle bars pushing me further into a bad line. I used my Jim Langley voice (without swearing) and explained to him that I did not appreciate that and that he should wait 20 yards for the opening next time.....he apologized.

The end result is that I won by 2 seconds.

I would like to thank Mark E. for continuously putting the work outs together and the motivation/encouragement throughout the year. I would also like to thank Scott, Jim, George & Matt for keeping me honest on the workouts and pushing me hard.

Thanks for a great season,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Downside of Drafting - USAT Olympic Distance Nationals, Milwaukee, Aug 9

Downside of Drafting - Not my best distance, but finishing top 25 qualifies me for ITU Worlds, held for the first time in 15 years back in the US (Chicago) for 2015.  My bike and run made up for a middle-of-the-pack swim and I easily qualified BUT for a drafting penalty.  USAT gives you 15 seconds to  stay out of a 3-bike length draft zone to complete a pass.  My counting was off,  I was clocked at 18 seconds for one overtake.  My 2 minute penalty dropped me to 26th place.  Chances are I'll still get to go to Chicago, just one qualifier has to turn down his slot, but this hurt.  Lesson learned, and fingers crossed I'll make it to Worlds 2015.  So all that time I gained sporting the new Spokesman team tri-suit didn't do me any good.  Next time.  Fortunately I'm solid for 2015 Worlds and a slot of the USAT Team for my stronger distance, 1/2 Ironman, and have tickets to Sweden next June.