Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stefano - Ward's Ferry Road Race Masters Cat 4 - First Place

You win some, you loose some. Today I won!
Ward's Ferry Road Race, out in Sonora, in the Sierra foothills. Thanks to my mother in law helping out with the kids I could get a solid night sleep at Jamestown's Country Inn (which I highly recommend), heading out to a cool, beautiful morning of bike riding. The rain had made these gorgeous hills all green and flowery, fantastic!
With 20 miles to go a guy attacks and I jump with him. The course is rolling and curvy, and my intention is to get ASAP out of sight of the peloton. I end up dropping the guy after a couple of bumps, and time-trialing all the way to the finish. I gapped the field by a few minutes to a long solo finish.
Proud to wear the brand new Spokesman Bikes team kit to its first win of the season! and now cat 3 here I come!
Pretty scenery

The course elevation profile. Yum yum!

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